Many people associcate warm water with the body's deepest states of relaxation, thus water is the ideal medium for Watsu.

The support of the water takes weight off the vertebrae and allows the spine to have mobility in ways impossible on land.

Gentle, gradual twists and stretches relieve the pressure that a rigid spine places on nerves and helps unravel any dysfunction pressure can cause to the organs serviced by those nerves allowing greater flexibility and freedom.

During Watsu a range of emotions can come up and can be released into the process of supportive, continuous flow. 


WaterDance is a dynamic movement therapy that uses the three-dimensionality aspects of the underwater world. With deep awareness and attention to breath connection, the practitioner moves the receiver through a variety of individually choreographed movements moving from the surface to the underwater world. Waves, stretches, dolphin-like rolls, and snake-like movements are utilized to address unique patterns of tension and holding. As the session unfolds, we gracefully weave together the worlds above and below, within and without… often resulting in profound levels of healing, peace and inner awareness.

Healing Dance
Healing Dance is a beautiful, flowing aquatic therapy based on the healing power of movement in water. The technique incorporates surface moves witih submersions, and sessions are highly individualized as the practitioner is mirroring and supporting the receiver's journey in the dance. The guiding philosophy of the work is that movement is the "medicine" and in the experience of "received dance" the healing process in the body is activated.