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Baby Swim 


Kfir's specialization is hydrotherapy with babies or, as it is often called, "Baby Swim." His soft & gentle touch together with the calming energy of the water provide babies a feeling of returning to their natural environment. Through the experience of freedom and independance in the water babies feel their strength, build self confidence and create a strong bond with their parents. Generally, babies at 8 weeks can start Baby Swim. 

Private Sessions

Private sessions provide the best environment for babies being introduced to the water for the first time. There are no distractions, so babies can be one with the water. During private lessons, at least one parent joins us in the water.

Gradually and softly Kfir will show the parents how to guide the baby back into his natural environment where he/she feels completely at ease. 

Private sessions are perfect for babies with developmental problems, where we focus on specific areas.  

Sessions are in Jaffa but are available wherever there is access to warm water.



Group sessions or workshops provide quality time that parents can spend with their babies. Kfir teaches different ways to guide and support your baby in the water, allowing them freedom and natural movement.


With the correct support, your baby can flow, swing, dive, sit, and stand, all in the water.


Groups vary in size from four to eight babies, depending on the size of the pool.


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