Kfir grew up with a love for the water and played water-polo as a child beginning at age 7, then professionally for Israel's national team. After his mandatory army service he coached and played for another 10 years.   


When his daughter Noam was born in 2005, Kfir began studying baby development in water. 


Kfir found his ultimate passion in hydrotherapy and baby swim - a combination of his love for water, mind & body awareness, and children. 


Kfir received a BA in Environmental Studies and Geography at Tel Aviv University & The Arava Institute. 


He has completed the following courses. 


  • Swim / waterpolo coach

  • Hydrotherapy 

  • Baby swimming instructor 

  • Pilates instructor

  • Watsu therapist 

  • Waterdance & Healingdance therapist

  • Advanced Yoga Teacher

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